2023 in Review of the TTRPG Hobby

As 2023 comes to a close, I want to sit and reflect on it. I thought I would think about what I accomplished and failed at and what I want to focus on and accomplish in 2024.

I'll be honest; this year sucked in a lot of ways.

It had its highs for me. Finishing Macuahuitl, funding it at 150%, and getting fully funded on day six was terrific for me to watch. I am working on getting the hardcover interior files to a quality level for offset print; it's a very different process from print-on-demand. So, learning new skills and aspects of this hobby that many don't look at or worry about has been good.

I also relaunched my zine, focusing on 0e/White box rules and Castles and Crusades. I talked to many interesting people on my stream, Natural Ones, and other people's streams... However, this also got me in a lot of trouble as well. I don't want to get into it.

At the start of 2023, I was tired of culture war stuff. I was tired of complaining about WotC and what weirdos with dyed hair and septum piercings were doing. I still am tired of it and don't care about them, any hate they may or may not have for me, or anything else that has anything to do with them. I don't care anymore. In 2023, I elected to focus on making stuff instead of complaining about stuff. To focus on what I liked rather than what I disliked. I decided I wanted to be cool with whoever I could in the hobby so long as they were cool with me. So, I tried to scale back on the snark and on retweeting people for the purpose of "dunking" on them. I wanted to be positive, you know?

I find it funny how this year, with these goals in mind, became full of really lame drama that was pointless and wasted my time and the time of others. Everything would be better if everyone minded their own business. I find that funny because, as I said, I elected to do that. Just mind my own business. Others are not able to do this, so... I don't know... it just became highly ironic that with these goals in mind, about half of this year was just annoying drama in the elf game hobby that often sprung from me trying to keep to my goal of just being cool with whoever wanted to be cool with me. As I tried to do this, many did very uncool things to me because I was being friendly with whoever was willing to be friendly with me.

So, going into 2024, I'm not sure I will do anything different. I still want to be friendly to anyone I can be. On the YouTube channel, I plan to slow down video production probably. I want to focus on quality over quantity. I don't want to spit out a video once a week just because it's another week. I plan on finishing my research for "Espada de Conquista" (The Spanish/Conquistador supplement for Macuahuitl), working on Atomic Punk 2240, a side project with Viktor Gorchev, and my zine. And again, making good YouTube content. Natural Ones will probably remain weekly. I want to run more games, too. I'm looking forward to my Traveller game picking back up that I am running along with my in-person Castles & Crusades game. I want to make more solo gaming videos as well focused on Traveller. I also want to work more on Wightbox, my Chainmail + 0e clone.

Anyway, there is a lot of stuff I want to do in 2024, and getting wrapped up in lame drama for the king nerd crown is not on that list. I don't think it should be on yours, either.

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