Classic Traveller Solo Game Session 1 | 8/27/2023

Classic Traveller Solo Game Session 1 | 8/27/2023

Captain Davan Witcraft

Name: Captain. Davan Witcraft

Age: 30

UPP: D758A7

Skills: Rifle-3, Revolver-1, Cutlass-1, Tactics-1, SMG-1

Equipment and Property: Cr11225, Scout Ship, Cloth Armor, Reflec Armor, Cutlass, Revolver (30 rds), Rifle (100 rds), SMG (150 rds), Respirator (5), Short Range Communicator, Magnetic Compass, Binoculars, Electric Torches (3), Tent (2)

The Play Report

Captain Davan arrives, after getting out of the army, on the planet Delmenfurt C593799-6 (Hex 024037) at the high port in order to pick up a scout ship which is being offered to him on loan from the scout services. He can't really get down to planet side with his weapons here as the law level of the planet prohibits all of his weapons.


He has a scout ship on loan to him from his time in the scouts before joining the army. He isn't much of a pilot though. Davan puts out a call for a pilot to pilot his scout ship. After some time, he comes across a pilot named Rion Frakes (569AA9). Rion is just out of the Navy as a pilot (he has Pilot-1).

Davan offers Rion a pay of Cr5000 a month in order to pilot the ship. He plans on transporting passengers, mail, and maybe a bit of exploration and merc work. A reaction roll is made with a roll of 11. Rion, being young and this his first job, enthusiastically accepts. There is a route from Delmenfurt to Licis (determined via the rules in book 3). This is a A to C route and only 1 jump. There are 2 high passage passengers, 4 mid passage passangers, and 8 low passage passangers. They are looking to get to Licis (A310579-16).

Davan decides to take 2 high passage passengers for a total of Cr20000. Rolling, there is a shipment of 1 ton, 4 tons, 2 tons, 3 tons, and 3 tons going to Licis. With 2 tons of the cargo hold being reserved for the high passage passengers, Davan accepts the 1 ton cargo for an extra Cr1000 in revenue.

Rolled to determine if the any of the 2 passengers would try to hijack. Nothing.

Once the system of Licis was entered, Davan's ship encountered a free trader. Davan hailed them, but they didn't care. This jump took 1 week.

Davan's ship arrived safely on Licis. The passengers and cargo were delivered. Davan made Cr21000 in gross revenue. Refined fuel cost Cr20000. Life support cost Cr2,000. Birthing costs were Cr100 for 6 days in port at Licis. Total trip cost is Cr22100 which puts the trip at a loss of Cr1100 paid out of Davan's pocket. Maybe there is some merc work on Licis that needs doing... Or crime. He can't operate at a loss each trip. Or maybe he needs to just get to a less lawful area and do some "work".

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Looking forward to this! What oracles are you using with this? or are you using the Hostile Solo rules?


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