Obsidian & Blood Update No. 1

I have been working on Obsidian & Blood, which is a whitebox/OSR game that allows you to run an Aztec campaign. It's been stop-and-go and I needed a break from Blades of Deviltry. That other project has simply been draining. Obsidian & Blood has been somewhat painful too. However, I feel good about it now and I have started doing the layout because... Well... I'm impatient. I want to see the work on the final page.

I wanted to show some cool stuff with character creation. Much of that will feel familiar. A big difference will be the use of the sacred 250-day calendar. Players will have to roll in order to randomly determine the bane or boon the gods have bestowed on them. Check out the screen shots below and some of the example Trecena effects that occur during character creation.

This can also give you a taste of the layout style I am going for. Simple. Clean. Easy to read.
I already know the next question: "When will these be released?"
Digital will release as soon as I can with POD a short time later. This game and book is important to me so I want this to be a very solid release with minimal mistakes. I know my stuff has typos and issues and I want to make sure those all get sorted out before sending to the printing presses. Thanks for checking this out! I'll update more on this project when I have a chance to do so.
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Stumbled upon your page from fromYouTube, just wanted to say the material reads well and the layout is solid. I like the use of a minimalistic approach, clean lines, etc. All of the graphics look cool and match with the flavor you are going for. Kudos!

John Sikking

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