The New New Store and Website!

It's taken some work, but I have wanted to become less reliant on DTRPG and have one easy place to upload my pen-and-paper roleplaying game products. Originally I went to Gumroad but realized that setting up print-on-demand would not work there. I mean, it probably could work there but not as easily.

So often I post a link to a new book or product I made on DriveThruRPG and many of you that support what I do ask for an alternative. Here it is. A one-stop shop where you can get the supplements and games I create. I will add more of the products I have scattered across many different platforms here so that there will be one centralized place you know you can easily find my things. I will try to keep the price cheaper here than any other platform as well.

I get that many of you don't like DTRPG. I support places like Big Geek Emporium and I encourage you to support them too. They need to grow and the way they grow is by further adoption.

At the same time, I think it is prudent to find a way to put all of my content in one place. Print-on-demand is handled by Lulu here. Personally, I have always found the quality of Lulu to be superior to DTRPG/OBS/Lightning Source. You will also be able to get digital-only files here as well if that is your jam. If you are having problems with anything, feel free to reach out to me. Thank you all for your feedback, support, and friendship. I wish you all many happy games in the future.

-The Basic Expert

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