Zero Prep Wight-Box Game - Session 1 - Giants and Dragons and Kobolds and Priests

On my Guilded server, I have created a West Marches Wight-Box game for those who support my channel and my work, using 1:1 time and a few other factors. First, let's cover the setting. Nothing much, but enough to help the players understand.

The Basics

This is a world in the far future. Long ago, a cataclysm caused demonic and fell creatures to manifest themselves after a terrible man-made apocalypse. The lands shifted and changed so that those of us living in the present world would not recognize this new landscape. Society stabilized into small, petty feudal kingdoms. Christianity still survives to this day, with the Church sending out Her clerics and priests to proselytize and convert as well as oppose the fell creatures of the wilds that have made the material world their home.

Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings

Elves, a race that emerged in the distant past, are often met with fear and avoidance from humanity due to their non-human nature. Many view them as the unholy progeny of unclean spirits dwelling in the depths of forests and woods.

Dwarves are likewise looked at with great suspicion, though their race has proven to be more friendly with humans, some dwarven strongholds even trading with human cities and rulers.

Like the other species mentioned, Halflings appeared long ago, soon after the cataclysm. They are not viewed as evil, though the halflings seem to keep to themselves and avoid all other races to the best of their abilities.

All of these races have their religion, and none can have membership in the Christian Church since it is strongly suggested these are the offspring of some fell sorcery either by demons or less than clean spirits and principalities of the spiritual world.

Other Religions

Other religions exist and are adhered to by humans and, of course, demihumans. Christianity is not the only religion to exist, though it is the largest among human settlements and cities. The other religions are sometimes ancient pagan religions from before the cataclysm in the very ancient, almost forgotten ages of old. Some small sects worship Norse or even Babylonian gods. Such religions are anathema to the Church.

I chose Christianity as the religion of this far-future post-apocalyptic setting because a few things seem inherent to 0e. First, all of the Cleric spells in the 3LBBs seem like miracles that could be found in the Holy Bible. Secondly, crucifixes exist in 0e. I could have reskinned the crosses to mean something else, but why? Clerics can only be humans, which I think says a lot.

The Session

The game started in Black Tree, a small village with about 50 people. The village has a black, burned tree covered in religious carvings and Christian Iconography. It is considered special and sacred and was found by the area's first settlers generations ago. The village elder and priest is Father Stellios.

The player characters were KraftyMatt and AlchemicRacker with Krafty playing a Fighting-Man named "Leo 'The Large.'" Alchemic played a Magic-User he did not name because he wasn't sure if he would live. Leo has a young 15-year-old squire named Billy. The recruited a few men from the village and spoke to Father Stellios. They learned that a week ago, Kobolds attacked the villaged and kidnapped deacon Kylon. Leo, a warrior of the faith, offered to retrieve the deacon from the kobolds if he still lived. They convinced Father Stellios to lend them his wagon and draft horse.

They set out and traveled from Black Tree in hex 06.06 to 07.05. They learned from Father Stellios that this is the direction from which the Kobolds attacked. The Wizard discovered a camp and saw footprints of a human and the smaller prints of kobolds. There were about 12 to 15 kobolds in the party. The human appeared to have his legs bound, restricting movement. Traveling a bit further near the border of hex 07.05 and hex 08.05, the party made camp. During a watch, one of the NPCs saw a blue dragon appear to be flying down from the North. The NPC quickly stamped out any fires and awoke the PCs. They watched as the dragon patrolled his desert territory and traveled back toward the north. I rolled for a surprise on the dragon, and the dragon was surprised and, therefore, did not see the party or their camp.

The party packed up their things and followed the trail into 08.05. There, they followed a game trail toward a river or creek. They set up their wagon at the edge of the trees to set up an ambush as they discovered many kobold tracks in the area. 2 kobolds eventually arrived to collect water. These spotted the wagon and ran away to get 3 more. They approached the wagon with spears ready, only to have the wizard pop up and cast a Sleep spell on them. The party then cut their throats in their sleep. The party continued to wait. It took a day but the kobolds began to wonder where these five kobolds went. 8 more appeared the next day, and the same happened to them. The party traveled up the stream towards the northwest. They discovered a little grotto by the river with stairs going down. This was the lair.

They cautiously moved in and saw a 30 by 30-foot room with passageways going east and west for 30 feet. There was a rotten wooden door ahead of them. The party inspected both passages and saw one passage lead to an X intersection in the west. The eastern passage leads to an elevator that goes down several levels. The party approached the door and opened it to a room with dirty sleeping mats and various kobold weapons. The party started breaking items. The room is 30 by 30 feet in size, with doors in each cardinal direction. Leo kicked in the door to the east and saw within 2 kobolds. The party got a surprise for them. They killed them and saw within some treasure (100sp and 20gp in sacks) and deacon Kylon tied to a wall! He was very weak and sick-looking. The party got him out of the dungeon back to the wagon, and headed back towards Black Tree.

The party camped back at the rocky outcropping in 07.05. As they were setting up camp, 2 hill giants approached them. These were dumb creatures, and I asked them what they were doing. It seemed like the giants were willing to kill them or worse. Leo convinced (via a reaction roll) to go to the kobold layer and eat the dead kobolds there (an 11 was rolled on the reaction roll). The party quickly packed up and left after the giants left and hurried across the desert. As they entered the tree line out of the desert, the same blue dragon was spotted again, but it did not spot the party. Terrified, the party continued to Black Tree. They brought the deacon to Father Stellios and offered a tithe to the Church from the wealth they acquired. Father Stellios was overjoyed and gave them the honorific title of "Heroes of Black Tree." The adventure ended here.

The characters took 5 days, which means on April 28th (in 5 days), these characters will unlock.

All in all, it was a successful game. The players had fun, and I only used the tools within the Wight-Box rules to run this with zero prep regarding adventure design.

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