Zero Prep Wight-Box Game - Session 2 - Vampires, Mercs, and Werewolves

Zero Prep Wight-Box Game - Session 2 - Vampires, Mercs, and Werewolves

It's been two weeks since the last game. Since the last game, a young woman has gone missing in the town of Black Tree. The players, investigating in downtime, the players found barefoot humanoid prints by the woman's window, but the tracks neither leave the house nor appear to approach it. They appeared to just magically appear in front of her window.

Within the room, she slept with her siblings. Her siblings said they heard nothing in the evening and her parents never heard anything.

The players were also concerned about a missing messenger. Leo the Large (a fighting man) sent his hirelings towards Zidon, a city in the north the messenger was attempting to reach. This is to learn about what may have happened to him.

So while the hirelings investigate Zidon, the party of Gabriel the Dwarf, Leo the Large, and Billy the Squire (the squire of Leo) start to investigate the surrounding hexes to look for the woman. While investigating hex 07.05, the character became lost and found themselves in hex 08.06. Here, the characters meet another character, an elf named Feyrith. With caution (because elves can be psychos in this setting), the characters had the elf join them. As they set up a camp for the night, I rolled for a random encounter, and a Patriarch (a level 8 Cleric) stumbled into the camp. The dwarf, who is a Christian, tried to help him, but being skeptical of the demihumans, the patriarch recoiled but allowed Billy to inspect his wounds.

The Patriarch was named Ardaric. He was hunting a creature he saw in the sky. A vampire. In hex 08.05, he fought the creature by a river(the same one near the Kobold Lair in the last session). He cast a light spell on the creature's eyes as it was about to kill him, and the vampire turned into a gaseous form and fled. The party rested for the night with the Patriarch.

In the morning, they marched north since Leo knew where this lair was. Clearly, reducing the power of the Kobolds or leading the giants into the lair in the last session caused something else to awaken. As the party traveled up the stream, they ran into 130 men camped by its bank. A high-level Fighting Man approached them to ask about their business. The party informed him that they were hunting a vampire with the Patriarch. A reaction roll was thrown. I rolled an 11, I believe. So the Fighting-Man was friendly, or at least, as a leader of mercenaries, was not interested in fighting the party or harming them. He told them he and his mercenary crew were on their way to fight for a client. He told them that a vampire had attacked them not long ago during the night. They were able to fight him off though. One of his lieutenants chased the gaseous form to a grotto... The same one the kobolds once lived in.

The party thanked them for the info and headed into the dungeon in the evening. Entering the first room, there was nothing, just as before. Ardaric the Patriarch opened a northern door into the room where the party had smashed kobold weapons before.

I rolled to see if anything was within (it's important to always restock your dungeons). Within the room's darkness was a large hairy creature with elongated limbs. It was hunched over a corpse, and the sound of rending flesh and the snapping and cracking of bones could be heard. It looked up at the characters with red eyes of bloodlust, drool dripping from its muzzle. Initiative was rolled and the monster (clearly a werewolf) charged forward and threw 4 attacks at the characters in the front, the Patriarch and Leo. All attacks missed. The party did not miss any of their attacks, however, and were able to kill the werewolf. Within they found some gems (one worth 100 gp and two worth 50 gp each).

Having felt ill-prepared for the new residence of the dungeon, the party elected to head back to the village of Black Tree and resupply.

The characters will become available this Friday afternoon (as we are using 1:1 time). So far, it's been a fun game for my supporters. At least I hope they are having fun. As usual, this was pretty much all zero prep. One thing I have learned that I think many prep addicts need to understand is the scale of the world you need. You don't need much. These players have stayed in a close area to Black Tree. I think a lot of GMs want to make an epic world map and fill it with kingdoms and cultures. But the advice of a small area of 5-mile hexes that is in 0e is all you need in most campaigns. More updates to come. I'm sure there will be some downtime actions the players want to take. If you are interested in Wight-Box, you can get the PDF for FREE here on my website or for $1.50 on DTRPG (along with hardcover and softcover options for physical books). It is also available on Lulu as hardcover and softcover.

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