About TBE

"The Basic Expert" is the name I write and produce stuff under but you can call me Jon if you want. It's a homage to my favorite edition of D&D, the B/X boxed sets. BX was my first entry point into old-school gaming and opened up this wider world of OSR gaming to me.

I started in the hobby a little over 10 years ago as an adult. I had always wanted to play D&D but as a kid growing up in a very strict evangelical home, I couldn't play the "devil game." As a kid, however, I always loved board games, TCGs, and other such hobbies. I liked to design my own games, even as a grade-schooler. So when I first read and played D&D, I was hooked.

Now I'm a freelance artist who has worked on larger published projects like the Mongoose Traveller books all the way to Call of Cthulhu products. I wanted to branch out and make my own games too, to satisfy the me from grade school that loved to sit with a notebook and think of board games. So what you will find here are all of the gaming supplements and games themselves that I have made. Thanks for visiting and I hope you find something you like.