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Atomic Punk 2160 (Second Printing) Softcover

Atomic Punk 2160 (Second Printing) Softcover

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“Crawl out through the fallout, baby To my loving arms” -Sheldon Allman

Atomic Punk 2160 is an old-school inspired game that takes the classic BX rules you know and love and modifies them with some classic sci-fi inspiration to fit an atomic punk post-apocalyptic setting much like your favorite game of collecting caps. Because of the OGL, you get two versions. The more pure BX version and a version that is still very "BX" under the hood but also works on a 2d10 system.

  • The game includes:
  • Interesting backgrounds and classes like the mutant and the wasteland warrior
  • Firearms, lasers, and plasma weapons
  • Mechanics for breaking armor
  • An interesting background skill system and leveling/advancement method
  • Simple vehicle combat rules.
  • Radiation exposure
  • Monsters of the Wasteland
  • An old-world "ruin generator"
  • Simple rules for solo gaming
  • A monster generator to allow referees to make unique monsters on the fly

It is everything you need to get your bunker dweller rolled up, equipped, and exploring in the wasteland.

This is for a physical copy of the digest size of the black and white interior book.

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