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Blue Dungeon Generator and Geomorphs PDF + Files

Blue Dungeon Generator and Geomorphs PDF + Files

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This is a random dungeon generator that uses dice rolls and geomorphic tiles to generate a dungeon for Pen and Paper RPGs. I wanted to make something I could use to make dungeons on the fly. The tiles are 10 x 10 and a few 20 x 20. You get the VTT compatible tiles as well (at 70px per square). You get the following:

  • The 20 Page PDF of the Generator
  • 39 Dungeon Entrance Tiles
  • 39 Cavernous Entrance Tiles
  • 100 Dungeon Chambers Tiles
  • 20 Dungeon Hallways Tiles
  • 10 Large 20 x 20 Chamber Tiles
  • 20 Cavernous Chamber Tiles
  • 12 Cavernous Hallways Tiles

The file titled "Basic Expert Blue" is the raw image tile sets you can use to import into any kind of editor that can use custom tile sets (such as Dungeon Painter Studio). Permission is granted to use these base tiles commercially in dungeon maps.

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