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Macuahuitl Quickstart Rules

Macuahuitl Quickstart Rules

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Macuahuitl: Whitebox Roleplaying in the Aztec Empire is an old-school game that uses the familiar whitebox rules in a new and interesting setting the hobby has not seen before. Players take on the roles of warriors in the Aztec empire before the Spanish invasion. Players can become Jaguar Warriors, Eagle Warriors, Pochteca (merchants), and shapeshifting Nahualli sorcerers.

These are the basic Quickstart Rules. 6 Pregenerated characters are provided from the basic classes of the game. Level 1 spells are provided as well as advancement up to level 3. Not only that but a simple little adventure is included where the player characters hunt for relics for the Aztec emperor. VTT content for Roll20, Foundry, and Fantasy grounds are provided for the short scenario that is provided.

The game is coming to Kickstarter VERY SOON so go SIGN UP and support the full game getting a nice offset, hardcover print.

These quickstart rules are FREE and I hope it gives you a good taste of what the full game will be like.

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