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Macuahuitl: Whitebox Roleplaying in the Aztec Empire (PDF)

Macuahuitl: Whitebox Roleplaying in the Aztec Empire (PDF)

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Macuahuitl is a game that delves into the past with Whitebox/0e, and adapts those classic rules to create a fresh and distinctive Aztec/Mesoamerican setting. Players will determine their character's Zodiac sign on the sacred calendar, which may come with a boon or a bane, introducing an element of randomness into the traditional character creation process. Players can choose from the following classes:

- Eagle Warrior
- Jaguar Warrior
- Pochteca (Merchant)
- Otomi Mercenary
- Shorn One

Each class possesses unique characteristics.

The game offers over 30 new spells designed to fit an old-school or 0e game, as well as an array of new monsters. The mechanics have been subtly adjusted, with Status Points serving as both currency and XP for character advancement. Players can earn Status Points by taking prisoners in battle, exploring, defeating adversaries, and engaging in various other activities that align with the setting.

For those concerned about not being well-versed in Aztec society, the game provides ample information on the fundamentals of the culture to enable a referee to competently run the setting. This includes details about the gods, religious beliefs, the role of sacrifice, social structures, legal systems, and numerous other aspects of society and culture. This game was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 6 days at 150%!

This book is 185 pages.

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