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TBE Zine No. 6 - June 2023

TBE Zine No. 6 - June 2023

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June's zine is the beginning of a sandbox adventure/setting. The island of Whispering Shoals is a mysterious place, full of strange locals. It is mostly untouched, and this means there is little competition (maybe) for adventurers seeking treasure and wealth. But the island also has other terrible secrets awaiting in the shadows as well...

This is Part One. In this zine, the background of Whispering Shoals is presented, along with the starting town, NPCs, random tables for discoverable locations and encounters, and a small dungeon beneath the church in the starting port town of Beachmarsh. Further issues will flesh out other areas of the island in the future, giving GMs a unique starting sandbox adventure area.

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