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Wight-Box: Original Medieval Fantasy Adventure Campaigns (PDF)

Wight-Box: Original Medieval Fantasy Adventure Campaigns (PDF)

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Wight-Box is a clone, but a clone that is different from many that have come before. The premise of Wight-Box is to pretend it is 1974, and all we have is CHAINMAIL and the 3LBBs. How would we play this game? Wight-Box attempts to look at these rulesets, combing through them, and compiling them in what is hopefully a true and authentic way to 0e that is easy to understand.

This game is "Pay What You Want" for the PDF. If you enjoy this project and pay something, thank you! It means a lot to me. You can tip me via Paypal if you feel inclined to do so. Otherwise, enjoy!


This game has:

  • The classic three classes of Cleric, Fighting-Man, and Magic-User.
  • The classic spells.
  • Weapon Class based on speed and size.
  • Weapon vs Armor/AC tables.
  • Dungeon Generator
  • Hex Generator
  • Other Oracles

This is everything you need to run and understand how to run a game like it is 1974 all over again.

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